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Minas Living Team

Abby Elowsky
The Team Builder & Coffee Maker
Abby is a native of the USA and arrived in Belo Horizonte February 2015. She has held positions in energy, IT, and business consulting both serving as an in-house team member as well as an external consultant to various companies such as Quicken Loans, GM, EnTech, and LGI Energy. Abby has also owned a small business which published an annual golf guide as well as booking golf vacations for golf enthusiasts in the state of Michigan. She enjoys cooking, knitting, yoga and spending time with her husband and their three children.
Céline Chazot
Wordpress Wizard
Céline is from France. She moved to Belo Horizonte with her family in February 2014, because of her husband's work. Céline graduated with a master’s degree in Finance and has 10 years of experience with the company FNAC as a Financial Manager. Céline likes to start new missions and take on new challenges. Through her experience abroad, she has taken the opportunity to learn a new culture and language, travel, become active sewing by creating its own brand as well as do volunteer work with local associations and, of course, take care of her two children.
Christina Anderson
Duchess of the Directory
Christina Anderson grew up as an expat child and lived in 7 different countries. She is half Brazilian and half Canadian and moved to Brazil with her family in April 2011 for her husband’s work. After 3 years in Sao Paulo, her family moved to BH where Christina noticed there wasn’t an online resources or directory for newcomers to find services and doctors. Upon being invited to join Minas Living, she jumped at the opportunity. Christina has a Commerce degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and worked in the Tourism Industry in Canada for many years prior to relocating to Brazil. Today she spends her time with her husband and taking care of her two girls.
Betsy Laboe
Interviewer Extraordinaire
Betsy is from Michigan in the USA and arrived in Belo Horizonte September 2015. In Michigan, she worked as Director of Business Development for Worth New York. She has also owned/ operated a small Interior Design business. For the past decade, Betsy has co-hosted a local cable show, “Spectacles”, interviewing interesting women who have contributed to the community. Betsy has enjoyed many volunteer positions including President of the Junior League of Birmingham, President of Cranbrook House Auxiliary , and many more. Betsy enjoys travel, photography, tennis and going to art galleries. She is married to Kevin and has two children who are currently studying abroad.
Aude Courot
The Woman with the Plan
Aude moved to Belo Horizonte in August 2015 after having spent 18 months in a city in the interior of Minas Gerais, where her husband’s company is settled. She moved to Brazil to catch this amazing opportunity of living an international experience with her husband and their 3 kids. She is French, graduated as a Pharmacist with a Masters from a European business school. She has been working for different pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Stallergenes Greer, in Marketing and Price & Reimbursement matters, mainly in Paris, but as well in Dublin and London.


Ricardo Melo
Language DJ
Ricardo is Brazilian and has worked as a language instructor of both ESL (English as a Second Language) and Portuguese for over 12 years. His Bachelor in International Relations has raised his awareness of multicultural issues, which has since become a great asset to his classes, especially when working with expat students’ cultural shock. He also works as a Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese translator. Ricardo is a dog lover and is interested in arts, gardening, cooking, and traveling.
Irena Potapinska
Kitchen Globetrotter
Arrived in Brazil in July 2015 because of her husband’s work, however, the multiculturality was always a part of her identity. As a child of an Armenian mom and a Polish dad she lived in Armenia when little, then moved to Poland to study. She obtained a Masters’ degree in law at the Jagiellonian Universuty in Krakow, then worked as a lawyer for several companies. Recently she was running her own small business, serving as a consultant and legal interpreter. She enjoys the Brazilian culture and language (the fifth, but hopefully not last in her collection). Enjoys exploring the world with her family, loves to cook, paint and play creative games with her two children.
Michelle Agnew
World Student
Minas Gerais is home to amazing food, interesting geology, and one Eduardo found abroad: the reasons Michelle decided to move to Belo Horizonte in 2015. Studying both geology and international studies in Australia, travel is perfect for Michelle, combining her interests in rocks and cultural interactions. In her latest adventure in Brazil, Michelle spends her time working on Portuguese, marveling over minerals, and trying new delicious foods.
Sofia Alidina
Newcomer in BH
Sofia is from Rochester, Michigan and moved with her family to Belo Horizonte in 2014. She attended the American School of Belo Horizonte during her senior year of high school and was thrilled to have the chance to live and study in Brazil. She is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan looking to pursue a degree in both Public/Global Health and Economics. Sofia is also passionate about writing and photography, which prompted her to join the ML team. When in Belo, she enjoys hiking and traveling within Minas, along with learning more about Brazilian history, art, and culture.
Jenny Molloy
The Eye of the Artist
My name is Jenny Molloy and I arrived in Belo Horizonte at the beginning of June with the intention of staying here until mid July! I am from Manchester, England and have just graduated with degree in American Studies! I am an aspiring photographer and videographer with a particular interest in street art. I met my Brazilian partner, artist and designer Marlon, whilst studying in the United States and I am lucky enough to be taking my first of many trips to Belo Horizonte to spend time with him and work on projects together. BH is inspiring me daily and I look forward to undertaking some creative projects that will hopefully inspire others to come and visit beautiful horizon.
Marcus Ottoni
Music Lover
Marcus is a Brazilian artist and music teacher. He has been working in music courses for kids, adults, professional musicians and music teachers in music schools, at UFMG extension and with private students. Parallel to it he worked in artist groups of rock, MPB, comic music and pop music. Nowadays he still teaches in his own place, plays and he does a master degree in music education studying the music teacher's formation to our days. Marcus enjoys knowing new cultures, travelling and discovering new possibilities with the music job.