Summer Fashion in Brazil

Summer Fashion in Brazil

By Betsy Laboe (American) ~

The summer is upon us in Brazil.  It is hard for some us to believe, especially if our origin is in Northern Hemisphere.

But Brazil is trending it’s summer finest.  Bardot tops, chokers and florals are among this season’s top picks.  I have seen many beautiful variations of florals.  The Bardot tops are always a show stopper especially in white and fuchsia.
Slip dresses, anything that glimmers and jumpsuits are also showing up day and night. Black and white stripes and polka dots are still making a statement in Brazil and North America this Spring/Summer.

If you are wondering if you should try one of these trends I think the easiest one would be to slip on some strappy sandals and earth tones.  This peaceful look is also mentioned in the top 20 looks for summer.

Looking your best always makes you feel good. Even if you are not on top of the latest fashion, it is always wise to know the season’s trends. So when you have the opportunity to shop you can gravitate toward the trends that look best on you!

Most importantly, make sure you are exercising and eating healthy food, because this will ensure that you will look and feel your best no matter what style you are wearing.
It is always very important to know what looks good on you.  You may have to try on a lot of clothes to figure this out.  But once you find the style and the clothes you feel most comfortable in, it makes shopping so much easier.

Clothes don’t necessarily have to be trendy to look good.  They have to be pieces that look best on you and that you a very comfortable wearing.  Have you ever worn something that you knew was in style but it wasn’t something you would usually wear and you felt yourself second guessing your selection all day? You don’t want to be stuck in this cycle.  Get serious and find a friend and spend an afternoon shopping at different places and trying on many things until you at least find 4 looks that you are comfortable with and both you and your friend agree complement you.
Have fun, take a friend and go shopping!!  Happy summer!  Don’t forget the swimsuit!

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