Refreshing New Store in Savassi

Refreshing New Store in Savassi

Bhabara Renault

Is the owner of Jardin.  Located right across from Patio Savassi near the parking garage and Burger King.

Bharbara is an attractive, petite woman with a very friendly smile and warm eyes. As I talked to her, I immediately recognized a strong entrepreneur spirit and work ethic underneath her sprite appearance.  She is a native Brazilian and has studied Graphic Design at UEMG in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Fine Arts and Fashion in Leon, France.  She enjoyed working with Textiles in France, but has a heart for “classic-contemporary fashion” for Brazilian women.

She began to design clothes in 2010 in a design studio located in Sion.  Bharbara has developed her label for Brazil since then and her clothes are found in approximately 18 stores.  She has even shipped overseas, but the import/export taxes are too high for profitability.  She has worked very hard to develop Jardin.

Just recently she has opened her own store with 250 pieces every six-month season. Jardin caters to ladies 30-50 years’ old who enjoy simple, classic, fresh, and contemporary styles.  100% of what she sells is made in BH and 95% of the material is also Brazilian!

In the future she would like to open other stores in locations such as Rio and Sao Paulo.

Trending now are florals, metallic and embroidery.  For Spring/Summer stripes, stripes and more stripes!  Jardin has sizes 36-44.

Pop up in the shop and say Hi to Barbara, Rua Lavras!


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