Nectar da Serra

Nectar da Serra

By Craig Cudworth (British) ~

Craig Cudworth




serra 3We recently spent a hot lunch time at ‘Nectar da  Serra’ in  Savassi. This popular restaurant is great for those who like a buffet selection with lots of healthy salads and vegetables. The range of food is very tempting and although you will find foods that are
common place here in Belo, you can also find uncommon dishes and offerings such as watercress, pumpkin seeds and vegetable and fish tortinas. The decoration of dark blue and white gives the place an airy feel and although it gets very busy with hungry lawyers and bankers there is no problem to find seating either
downstairs or upstairs.

Nectar_Serra-20140819152033The staff are very helpful and attentive and quickly provide you with a refreshing complementary lime juice once you have sat down (this was greatly appreciated on such a hot, tiring Friday) some of the staff speak good English too and as I am a person who believes in good service and hates surly faces, I was more than happy with the service here.
serra 4With such a great selection of food none of us skimped and just as we were finishing up the owner paid us a visit with a tray of delicious Açaí (she claimed it was the best in Belo Horizonte and our verdict was that it was in hot position if we had to choose!)

The price per kilo is reasonable; I paid about R$24.00.

Nectar da Serra

Check Nectar da Serra details in the ML Directory.

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